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Trestle Run

We are working with the Merriwether Community Coalition in Edgefield County to protect its members’ interests in the face of a proposed development with the potential to negatively impact the community’s rural quality of life, existing County infrastructure and services, and the health of the environment.
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On August 10, 2023, the Edgefield County Planning Commission denied a land development application filed by Blue Sky Properties and Investments, LLC for a major subdivision known as Trestle Run. The application proposed the development of 126 townhomes and 128 single-family detached homes on 97 acres. This development would have resulted in an average density of 2.61 units per acre.

In a letter to the developer, the Edgefield County Attorney outlined the reasons for denial as non-compliance with “the density proposals outlined as ‘Future Land Use’ for this property in the 2019 Edgefield County Comprehensive Plan and Map, as amended”, as well as non-compliance with several sections of the Edgefield County Code of Ordinances.

On September 22, 2023, the developer of the proposed subdivision appealed the County’s decision to the Circuit Court.

On behalf of the Merriwether Community Coalition, SCELP asked the Court to allow us to intervene in the lawsuit to protect the community’s interests in the health and quality of their natural environment. The Coalition was later granted intervention, and we look forward to ensuring the Coalition’s voice is heard!

As in many of SCELP’s other cases on Comprehensive Planning, we recognize the needs of citizen groups and communities who want to preserve the environmental integrity and quality of life of rural and agricultural lands across the state. Local governments must follow the ordinances and policies in their Comprehensive Plans to protect the public and the special places they live, work and recreate. Once these large swaths of rural land are gone, they’re gone forever.

In the case of Trestle Run, SCELP supports the Merriwether Community Coalition’s members’ interests in preserving and protecting the rural character of Edgefield County and ensuring that the County’s infrastructure can support new growth.

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