SCELP, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is almost entirely funded by generous contributions of individuals, private foundations and other grant-making organizations. Every December, we publish the full list of the year's donors in our printed Winter Newsletter, but over the last several years we have received "foundational" support from the following institutions:

  • Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
  • The Coastal Community Foundation (CCF)
  • Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation
  • The Beaufort Fund of the CCF
  • The Johanna Foundation
  • Jolley Foundation
  • The Graham Foundation
  • Spaulding Paolozzi Foundation
  • South Carolina Bar Foundation
  • The Butler Conservation Fund
  • The Yawkey Foundation

Protecting South Carolina's Natural Environment for Over 35 Years

This requires a lot of resources and our success would not have been possible without the partnership and loyal support of many outstanding families and individuals, including:

  1. Robert and Jane Avinger Fund of the Foundation for the Carolinas
  2. The Bakker Family Fund of the CCF
  3. Frank & Ranlet Bell
  4. The Henry M. Blackmer Foundation
  5. Frances Close/The Springs Close Foundation
  6. Richard & Barbara Cross
  7. John Mark & Robin Dean
  8. Harry Dalton
  9. Jon & Margaret Fabri
  10. Paul & Carmela Haklisch
  11. Harriet & Herbert Keyserling Endowment of CCF
  12. Charles & Virginia Lane
  13. Justin Lucey
  14. Jerry & Tammy McGee
  15. Dennis and Fran Nolan
  16. Michael & Virginia Prevost
  17. Robert Schofield, III
  18. Fred Stanback Fund of the Foundation for the Carolinas
  19. Greg & Laura VanDerwerker
  20. Dean Moss & Wendy Zara

Since 2019 our financials are independently audited and you can read and download our audited financials below, along with our most recent Form 990s.

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