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Your Lawyers for the Wild Side are busier than ever protecting our land, water and wildlife, keeping them healthy, productive and beautiful for this and future generations.

With science and conscience, we work for a legal system that prioritizes conservation and environmental protection as the bedrock of economic and social prosperity.
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SCELP's Legal Expertise Covers the Following Areas:

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Focus Area

Coastal Management

Our work in this area seeks to improve and protect vital coastal ecosystems, specifically estuarine and beachfront systems. We work to prevent alteration and degradation of these areas while at the same time advocating for decisions that account for climate change and sea level rise.
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Focus area

Water and Wetlands

With our work in this area we seek to prevent degradation of South Carolina's water resources through uses that would either pollute or result in a harmful decrease in availability of freshwater throughout the state. Water quality and quantity are two sides of the same coin.
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Focus area

Wildlife and Habitat Conservation

Our work in this area seeks to protect critical wildlife habitats, advocating for land use and other decisions that will limit or mitigate man-made impacts of wildlife and their habitats.
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Focus area

Landfills, Nuclear and Toxic Waste

Our work in this area addresses the over-abundance of solid waste landfills in our state and seeks to strengthen the regulatory review process for permitting such facilities. We also seek to improve hazardous and radioactive nuclear waste management.
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