May 17, 2021

Action needed NOW to protect rural lands and communities

Dear friend,

Greenville County Council is considering whether to eliminate Article 3.1, a local land development regulation requiring developers to meet basic criteria to ensure their projects will not:

- Detrimentally impact our roads and infrastructure;

- Destroy environmentally sensitive areas; or

- Drastically change the area’s existing character.

The public hearing for the ordinance will be held at Council's regular meeting tomorrow, on Tuesday, May 18th at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers at County Square (301 University Ridge, Greenville, SC). Details for the meeting and how to sign up to speak can be found on the agenda HERE. The deadline to sign up to speak virtually is May 17, 2021, at 5 p.m (TODAY). 

There has been considerable outcry from citizens calling on Council to replace Article 3.1 instead of simply repealing it. More than 20 concerned residents took time out of their busy schedules on May 1st to offer recommendations to Council on replacement options and to share concerns regarding uncontrolled sprawl in unzoned areas. Read more here regarding the meeting.

Council members need to continue hearing from you on this issue! A call to your council representative (even if you must leave a message) may prove most effective. However, an email is also helpful.

Tell Council that:

- Article 3.1 should be replaced, not repealed. It is the only meaningful barrier to uncontrolled sprawl into rural, mostly undeveloped areas in the county.

- Land development regulations should be designed to achieve the vision and goals of the Comprehensive Plan.

- Finding a solution to this problem today is essential to preventing the loss of the natural beauty and recreational opportunities that make Greenville County attractive.  

You can find county council member contact information here (PDF) and below. Don't know who represents you? Enter your address here to find out.

Joe Dill (District 17)


Michael Barnes (District 18)


Willis Meadows (District 19)


Steve Shaw (District 20)


Chris Harrison (District 21)


Stan Tzouvelekas (District 22)


Xanthene Norris (District 23)


Liz Seman (District 24)


Ennis Fant (District 25)


Lynn Ballard (District 26)


Butch Kirven (District 27)


Dan Tripp (District 28)




Michael Martinez

Upstate Staff Attorney

South Carolina Environmental Law Project

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