November 24, 2023

Adam Parker, The Post and Courier

Charleston County Council to reconsider Historic Preservation Commission law

The controversy over the Charleston County law that created the Historic Preservation Commission continues to preoccupy council members, preservation groups and residents of Black settlement communities — though it remains unclear precisely what is causing concern.

The disagreement has been presented by many as a fight to protect settlement communities. Others argue that it stems from a technical concern over the wording of the ordinance County Council passed in 2018 that established the commission. Others say it’s indicative of an acute existential choice between cultural and social preservation and the erasures wrought by suburban sprawl.

Despite pleas to move on, coming from several people who took the microphone during the public comments part of the meeting, County Council on Nov. 14 voted to reconsider the issue after deciding at the previous meeting not to proceed with changes to the ordinance in question.

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