June 7, 2023

Anna Harris

Environmental law complaint hopes to save Folly Beach from washing away

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCSC) - With Folly Beach being a frequent victim of erosion, attorneys at the South Carolina Environmental Law Project want to keep it from washing away.

They are doing this by wanting to save plots of land called super beachfront lots, which are located right in front of beachfront homes that get renourished with sand every couple of years that eventually get washed away naturally.

SCELP says this act of renourishment, called avulsion, needs to be recognized by South Carolina courts.

“Beachfront development is dangerous,” Leslie Lenhardt, senior managing attorney for SCELP, said. “...A situation where you have a lot that’s only present, in reality, 50% of the time, then it makes no sense for someone to try to develop it when that is what nature’s going to take it away.”

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