August 15, 2023

Charistin Clark, ABC News 4 Charleston

Folly Beach resident fears overbuilding amid ongoing legal battle over beachfront development

Tami Bourne has lived on Folly Beach for over three decades.

However, because of a recent development plan on Folly's beachfront lots, she is concerned.

"When you have these disasters, these hurricanes, houses blow into houses," Bourne said. "So the more you put out there, the more it's gonna' get blown into the water. So it's just a problem that way. And also with the hurting the beach as far as making it erode more."

The super beachfront lots are along East Ashley Avenue, just north of the washout down to the lighthouse.

"These lots were platted back in at least the 1950s," Leslie Lenhardt said, "and they are the most seaward of any lots that were platted on Folly Beach."

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