August 8, 2022

Charles Swenson, Coastal Observer

Goals grow for county plan to protect natural resources

Restrictions on single-use plastics along with limits on pesticides and fertilizers are among the ideas added to Georgetown County’s plan for maintaining and enhancing its natural resources, following comments from citizens groups. It also calls on the county to consider a committee to review large-scale developments to assess their impact on natural resources before they get review by the Planning Commission.

The draft plan recommends a 50-foot buffer between wetlands and adjacent development as part of an ordinance to protect the critical habitat. It recommends extending tree protections to longleaf pines. And it calls for creating more access to the county’s beaches and waterways.

“At least 90 percent of this is fresh, new information,” said Matt Millwood, the senior planner who has been working on the draft.

Natural resources is one of 10 required elements in the comprehensive plan that local governments are mandated by state law to adopt. Georgetown County is updating its plan. The current natural resources element was approved in 2010.

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