March 10, 2023

Bob Montgomery, Spartanburg Herald-Journal

Residents say planned RV park in northern Spartanburg County could cause harm to environment

Opponents of an RV park say they have no plans to back down from a fight to keep it out of northern Spartanburg County.

The latest efforts concern a contested septic permit that the developer needs from the state Department of Health and Environmental Control before the park can be built.

The nonprofit S.C. Environmental Law Project (SCELP) in Georgetown has agreed to represent four Campobello-area homeowners groups that have filed an appeal with the S.C. Court of Appeals over the septic permit issue.

The appeal seeks to overturn a Nov. 29 S.C. Administrative Law Court (ALC) decision that reinstated the previously DHEC-staff approved septic permit – which the DHEC Board had overturned.

The appeal was filed on behalf of The Enclave at Fairview Farm, Golden Hills of Fairview Homeowners' Association, Greenspace of Fairview, and The North Pacolet Association (also known as Caroland Farms).

SCELP claims DHEC staff did not properly notify residents prior to issuing the septic permit, leading to what the ALC determined was an untimely appeal by residents.

"DHEC's actions, solely, shut the public out of the process and prevented their ability to seek legal recourse," stated Leslie Lenhardt, senior managing attorney at SCELP. "The continued lack of transparency by DHEC when it comes to offering public notice of septic tanks continues to be problematic across the state."

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