February 2, 2024

Emily Johnson, Live 5 News

Septic tank lawsuit outcome still unknown while permits continue to be issued

Months after a judge first heard from a pair of environmental organizations who are asking to prevent the issuing of certain septic permits, no outcome has been decided and a denied injunction will not limit permits in the meantime.

Back in September, a Charleston County Circuit Court judge heard from the South Carolina Environmental Law Project representing Charleston Waterkeeper and the Coastal Conservation League against the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

The lawsuit addresses multiple issues surrounding septic tanks, including asking the Charleston County Circuit Court to rule that DHEC has an obligation to review all septic tank applications in the coastal zone.

The South Carolina Environmental Law Project was also seeking to prevent DHEC from issuing any more septic tank permits along the coast that are part of a large common development or within 200 feet of water.

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