Legacy Giving

Make a legacy gift to SCELP and become member of our newly launched Chandler Legacy Society. If you do so by the end of 2020, you will join the Founders Circle of the Society.

Create a legacy for South Carolina's land, water and wildlife.

As we look beyond 2020, it is clear that environmental protection and justice across South Carolina does not just mean providing legal services and advice — it also means building a vision for a healthier future, and the legal infrastructure to enable it. By naming SCELP in your estate plans as a direct or contingent beneficiary of specific assets, a portion of your estate, or your residual estate, you can help bring this vision into reality.

Two of the simplest legacy gifts can be made as a bequest through your will or trust or through a beneficiary designation of your retirement plan, life insurance policy, bank account, brokerage account, or certificates of deposit.

If you wish to name SCELP in your estate plans, please use the following language:

South Carolina Environmental Law Project, a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of South Carolina and with principal business address of PO Box 1380, Pawleys Island, SC 29585. Tax ID: 57-1031430.

And please let us know! We’d love to welcome you to our Legacy Society.

Chandler Legacy Society

The Chandler Legacy Society honors our devoted donors who, like the society's namesake and SCELP founder, James S. (Jimmy) Chandler, Jr., are staunch advocates for the environment and are making a difference now and in the future. Thanks to their legacy gifts, SCELP's work will continue for many generations to come.

To get the Society on strong footing, we have launched an end-of-year Bequest Challenge: adding 10 new legacy donors by the end of 2020. All who rise to the challenge by year’s end will be Founders of the Society.

Have you already included SCELP in your estate plans? Just let us know. Have you considered including SCELP in your estate plans, but have not had the chance to do so yet?
Take 20 minutes today and become a founding member of the Chandler Legacy Society, at no cost!

Charitable IRA Giving

If you’re 70.5 or older, you can also support SCELP with a gift directly from your IRA. These gifts are called Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) or charitable roll-overs and are always tax-free, regardless of whether or not you itemize deductions on your return. Making a QCD is a powerful way to make an immediate impact on the protection of South Carolina’s natural environment.

We are happy to help you with the process, but all you need to do is inform your IRA administrator of your gift details (including SCELP Tax ID: 57-1031430) and complete the relevant paperwork.

Getting Started with Your Free Will

For a healthier future, from the mountains to the marshes!

We’ve partnered with FreeWill to make writing your will and creating a charitable bequest easier than ever so you can create a legacy with the South Carolina Environmental Law Project while completing an important life task — for free!

FreeWill is an online resource that allows you to write a will online, quickly and easily:
* It takes about 20 minutes to complete
* It’s legally valid in all 50 states
* It’s the best way to protect the people and causes you love
* It’s completely free, no matter what!

Now you can support SCELP’s mission to protecting and advocating for South Carolina’s natural environment for generations — without paying anything today.

How it works:
1. Use this free tool to create your legal will online, or document your wishes and find an attorney near you.2. Specify within your will the amount or percentage of your estate you’d like to leave (if any) to SCELP and other charitable organizations.
3. Go on with your life in the knowledge that you’ve taken care of the people you care about, and that you’ll be making positive change for generations to come.

If you would prefer to finalize your will with an attorney, you can use the tool to create a list of documented wishes to save you time and money with a lawyer.

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