Building Up Our Defense

For 35 years, the South Carolina Environmental Law Project has stood between environmental harm and the lands, waters, and communities that cannot defend themselves.

With you as our partner, we'll be able to keep fighting - and keep winning - today, tomorrow, and long into the future for the next generations of South Carolinians.


We are facing the reality that our state's existing system of environmental regulation is failing to protect our land, water, and communities from the accelerating deterioration of life-sustaining conditions. Now is the time to act. It's time for the Building up our defense campaign: a major strategic investment in our organization's capacity so we can go all in on every battle worth fighting.

By Building Up Our Defense, we will substantially expand SCELP's capacity to take on critical cases and issues across the state by enabling us to:

By making a donation today, you can have a profound impact on our ability to fight and win the life-saving legal battles that will protect South Carolina's unique, beloved natural places for generations.

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amy armstrong | executive director

The gap between our vision and reality is what fuels each of us at SCELP every day.

We know we are often the last thing standing between environmental harm and the public good.

Campaign Priorities


Stopping the Degradation of Essential Natural Systems

South Carolina residents and visitors alike appreciate and value our beaches, mountains, and the unfettered flow of our rivers. They marvel at the hundreds of thousands of acres of wild spaces, including barrier islands, ridges, rolling hills, estuaries, cypress swamps, and upland forests. Yet it takes constant vigilance to protect these life-sustaining natural systems, especially at a time when population growth and the climate crisis are exacerbating the impact of harmful projects and polluting activities. Stopping the degradation of life-supporting natural systems is at the core of our mission. Achieving success means continuing to act as the last line of defense against harmful land uses, being innovative with new legal tools that can secure lasting protections, and rebalancing our legal system to be more in tune with long-term human prosperity.

Your gift to the Building Up Our Defense campaign will help us persevere and win crucial legal battles across the state, including ongoing projects like:

  • Destructive Land Uses in the Upstate
  • Bay Point Island
  • Gadsden Creek

Protecting Water from Current and Future Threats

Water quality and quantity: two sides of the same coin. At SCELP, our goal is to prevent the degradation of South Carolina's water resources by halting pollution (water quality) and stewarding their availability (water quantity). While our efforts to protect water from current threats are often reactive because we are fighting existing harmful activities, our efforts to protect water from future threats are more proactive because they seek to advance new legal protections and regulatory standards.

Your gift to the Building Up Our Defense Campaign will support our present-day efforts to:

  • Advance rules that give greater protection to water quality.
  • Harness underutilized rules to remedy an ever-expanding list of impaired water bodies.
  • Hold polluters accountable.
  • Protect our state’s diverse wetlands.

Advancing Environmental Justice

Ever since our founding, we have strived to create, refine, and enforce environmental protections by offering our legal expertise to those in need, giving them an effective voice and legal muscle in processes when they would otherwise be financially foreclosed or procedurally marginalized. Through the Building Up Our Defense Campaign, we will carry forward our motto “no case is too small” whenever a vulnerable or frontline community seeks assistance in our areas of expertise.

Your gift to the Building Up Our Defense Campaign will help us win important legal battles for underrepresented communities, including current battles tied to:

  • Pamplico Pipeline
  • Bramlett
  • Rural Drinking Water

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